• Feature

SouthEnd (Sci-Fi)
In the near future, a wall separates the city’s wealthy from the poor, a young street hustler trapped in the SouthEnd must take a stand against a local crime boss or risk losing everything.
Sidney Chiu, Producer
Sean Birney, Writer

• Short Fiction

The Burglar (Thriller)
When an intruder breaks in, a life or death struggle ensues but things aren’t quite what they seem.

• Short Documentary

Racial Imposter Syndrome
In this stylized re-enactment fifteen-minute documentary, three multiracial Canadians reveal how they’ve coped with feeling like fraudulent members of their race and how they’ve overcome that sensation to proudly assert their identity.

Person Without Colour
Explores the psychological struggles experienced by a mixed-race individual who is often mistaken as a solely white person.

• Short Form Series

Technically Black (Dramedy)
A young white man seeks to understand who he is and how he fits into the world after learning that his biological father is black.

One Drop (Dramedy)
A young teen’s mixed racial heritage comes to the forefront when he moves in with his West Indian grandmother and extended family in a predominantly black community in the 1990s.

Death Touch (Sci-fi)
A young teen on the run with otherworldly powers must fight against a shadowy organization that created her known as The Hive to expose their secrets to the world.

SouthEnd (Sci-fi)
In the near future, a wall separates the city’s wealthy from the poor, a young street hustler trapped in the SouthEnd realizes that he must challenge the system and sets in motion a series of events that could destroy their entire world.

New Dad (Psychological Thriller)
When his dad returns from a long overseas mission a young teenager begins to suspect that the man everyone else accepts warmly into the family is not his father.

Unwanted (Drama/Coming of Age)
At the precipice of adulthood, a troubled teen joins an unusual mixed martial arts club where she encounters values of structure, discipline and perseverance.

Roommate From Hell (Supernatural Comedy)
A young woman new to Toronto finds a dream apartment at a bargain price – there’s just one catch: the place is haunted by a malevolent child ghost who is hellbent on ruining her life. But hey, ya gotta live somewhere, right?

We Don’t Need Another Villain (Superhero Comedy)
Groomed all of her life to inherit her father’s role of super-villain, rebellious teen Jade decides to forge her own path and find out what it’s like to be a hero.

Villain University (Superhero Comedy)
Having crushed all her supervillain enemies in one fell swoop, the world’s last superhero finds herself unemployed and decides that the best way to drum up business is to open a school for villains.

Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me? (Sci-Fi)
Ella has the gift of premonition. Now she just has to convince the world in 24 hours before it’s too late.

Hail, Paimon (Horror Comedy)
This workplace comedic horror web series follows the misadventures of an antisocial young woman, KHADEJA BROWN, as she attempts to ensure the successful rise of a demonic being, PAIMON, in his quest for world domination.