• Feature

This Is Not Our House (Supernatural-Horror)
After a series of strange occurrences, a desperate woman becomes convinced that her dead daughter’s ghost has moved into her new home and takes drastic steps to ensure that her haunting never ends.
Krishna Kolanupaka, Producer
Brian Quintero, Producer
Gianna Isabella, Executive Producer
Rob Shapiro, Screenwriter

The Rider (Supernatural-Horror)
Strange things start to happen to a slave-owning family in 1780 Québec when the beleaguered woman they own, Eliza, strikes a deal with a mysterious spirit who promises to set her free.
Christine Rodriguez, Screenwriter
Development support with the participation of Telefilm Canada

The Monstrosity (Supernatural-Horror)
A bullied teen with supernatural abilities conjures a dangerous entity that unleashes terror upon a small town, but soon loses control over her demonic creation.

New Dad (Sci-Fi)
When his dad returns from a long overseas mission, a teen begins to suspect that the man everyone else accepts warmly into the family is not his father.
Sean Birney, Screenwriter

• Short Film

The Killing of Uncle Ben
After stumbling upon a racial caricature lawn ornament, a seemingly docile middle-aged Black woman begins to lash out in increasingly violent ways.
Kirk Cooper, Producer
Supported by Toronto Arts Council with funding from the City of Toronto.