What I’m Writing Today

Wake Up, (art house horror) feature film
Developed with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Available Screenplays

The Monstrosity (supernatural/horror) feature film
Logline: When bullying by her peers spirals out of control, a troubled Black teen with supernatural abilities conjures a dangerous entity and must find a way to halt its reign of terror before it destroys the town. [OPTIONED]

Blood 4 Blood, (thriller) feature film
Logline: When her son becomes the victim of police brutality, a former marine takes justice into her own hands.
Developed with the participation of Telefilm Canada

The Conjure Woman, (supernatural) feature film
Logline: Set against the backdrop of the antebellum south, a young enslaved woman harnesses supernatural powers to escape the suffering she experiences at the hands of her malevolent master.

The Uninvited Guest, (thriller) feature film
Logline: Returning to the small town where he grew up as a child, a Black man experiences a growing sense of dread and finds himself trapped in an indifferent world where every road leads to his inescapable death at the hands of police. (Based on my multi-award winning short “An Uninvited Guest.”)

*Crooked, (drama) feature film
Logline: A witty ten-year-old gets a summer job at a shady business and struggles between right and wrong.
*Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist

Death Stare, (supernatural) feature film
Logline: On her sixteenth birthday, Khadeja Brown learns two things that change her life forever: one, she can inflict death by the power of her malevolent gaze and two, she’s part of an ancient order sworn to battle evil forces or whatever.

Beacon, (sci-fi) feature film
Logline: Set in a post-apocalyptic future, an emotionally numb man befriends a mysterious little girl and searches for a better life in the midst of a robot uprising.

Invader, (sci-fi) feature film
Logline: An ex-soldier with otherworldly powers must go back in the line of fire to save New York City from alien attack.

Supe, (supernatural/thriller) feature film
Logline: Over the course of one harrowing night, a teenage girl struggles to survive and protect her sister from intruders drawn to the girl’s special powers.

The Disturbances, (thriller) feature film
Logline: An interracial couple rent a property in the country, but soon discover that the over-friendly locals harbour a dark secret.

Frequency, (sci-fi) feature film
Logline: During a time of chaos, a journalist discovers that he has unique mental abilities that make him a target as he starts to uncover an alien conspiracy.

Relationship Material, (romantic comedy) feature film
Logline: A self-absorbed filmmaker must overcome his fear of commitment or risk losing the love of his life.