Available Screenplays


Relationship Material, feature film
Logline: A self-absorbed filmmaker must overcome his fear of commitment or risk losing the love of his life.

*Crooked, feature film
Logline: A witty ten-year-old gets a summer job at a shady business and struggles between right and wrong.
*Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist

Stake, feature film
Logline: A hardworking resourceful orphan on the verge of adulthood struggles to make a better life for himself.

Beacon, feature film
Logline: Set in a post-apocalyptic future, an emotionally numb man befriends a mysterious little girl and searches for a better life in the midst of a robot uprising.

Invader, feature film
Logline: An ex-soldier with otherworldly powers must go back in the line of fire to save New York City from alien attack.

Double Date, feature film
Logline: Allen Davis is a 25-year-old who has a job he hates, a live-in girlfriend who’s a poor match and who over the course of one night finds his life turned upside down.

Frequency, feature film
Logline: During a time of chaos, a journalist discovers that he has unique mental abilities that make him a target as he starts to uncover an alien conspiracy.

Discarded, feature film
Logline: Coming Soon

Monster Next Door, feature film
Logline: Coming Soon

Crossing The Line, feature film
Logline: Coming Soon